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The Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment unites humanities scholars to conduct innovative research, support student success and enhance community engagement.

Beyond the Ivory Tower

South Florida, and Miami in particular, is an international living laboratory of languages and cultures faced with some of the greatest existential threats of our time. Addressing such pressing issues in an increasingly polarized and political climate will take a nuanced understanding of the cultural histories and current realities of our diverse communities.


Poised on the edge of the booming Miami metropolis and the majestic but imperiled Everglades, our “urban” focus emphasizes the importance of recognizing and understanding the interaction between humans, their built environment and the more remote but interconnected wilderness.


Working with internal and external partners, we aim to be a model for how the humanities can develop innovative engagement strategies to respond to the key issues of our times through a humanistic lens.

Support Our Students

Help prepare our students to be innovative leaders, thinkers and entrepreneurs.