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  • Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow

    The Department of English, the Exile Studies Program, and the Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment are proud to announce a cooperative effort with the Coral Gables Museum highlighting the exhibition, Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow, on loan to the Museum from the Museum of Jewish Heritage New York from 5 October 2014-8 January 2015. The exhibit offers a narrative account of the experiences of German academics who fled Nazi Germany and took teaching positions at predominantly black colleges and universities in the American South. To enhance the impact of this presentation, we are organizing a series of events, with the initial plans outlined below with additional presentations to follow, that will highlight key aspects of this experience and celebrate the achievements of the teachers and students who participated in it. Presentations range from receptions to lectures, to roundtable discussions, to workshops, to performances. This important, if heretofore overlooked, moment of American history will resonate throughout our diverse communities, and the events we have planned will underscore from multiple perspectives the significance of what transpired. We believe this exhibition marks a watershed moment in South Florida, and we strongly urge you to participate in as many of the events as possible.

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