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Interdisciplinary Learning

In addition to traditional humanities disciplines, the university offers unique programs and courses that bridge multiple areas of study and push students to think and work in new ways.

HUM 3306: History of Ideas

The historical development of fundamental concepts through an interdisciplinary cultural approach. Nature, freedom, beauty, virtue, alienation, and relativism are traced in literature, art, and philosophy including the social context of developing ideas. Meets the state composition requirement. Prerequisites: ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 or equivalent.

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Liberal Studies Program

Our Liberal Studies Program offers a well-rounded education for students who do not want to be limited to conventional majors. Students have the opportunity to design their own program to match their interests and career goals.

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Certificate in Exile Studies

Anchored in Literary Studies, the Certificate in Exile Studies provides grounds for entry into the realm of otherness and assists students in gaining a clearer understanding of self and world.

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Certificate in Film Studies

The Film Studies Certificate Program provides an interdisciplinary concentration in this important field through a rigorous, systematic curriculum.

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Certificate in Law, Ethics, and Society

This program offers a course of studies in the broad field of normative or value issues. The program seeks to develop a curriculum which will study these issues from a variety of perspectives.

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Certificate in Professional and Public Writing

Firmly grounded in rhetoric, this certificate provides an opportunity for students interested in improving their written, oral and digital communication skills.

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