Director's Welcome

Director’s Welcome,

When I speak with people in South Florida, I often say that FIU is not adjacent to Miami but rather FIU is part of Miami. Our Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment stands as one of the many testaments to that belief. As you can see from the pages on our website, members of the community play an integral role in all we do. Like many Centers across the country, we feel that our faculty, staff, and students can offer a great deal to the understanding and appreciation of the humanities. At the same time CHUE distinguishes itself from other Centers by its commitment to include the community in all its endeavors. CHUE is outward looking, intent on fostering conversations on the humanities wherever such exchanges spring up. Whatever success we have enjoyed to this point has come from the enthusiastic support of the university and off-campus communities, and our aim is to nurture those relationships so that they continue to be our defining traits. I am very glad that you are visiting our website, and I hope to see you soon at one of our events.


Michael Patrick Gillespie,
Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment