Preliminary Announcement of Fall Events

Although the Center has had no formal events, we have been extremely busy planning for the fall. We are very pleased to be able to announce—in partnership with the FIU English Department, the Exile Studies Program, and the Coral Gables Museum—a series of programs held in conjunction with the CGM’s fall exhibit, Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow: German Refugee Scholars at Black Colleges. The exhibit commemorates the relationships between German Jewish academics who fled the Nazis and took up teaching positions at historically black colleges in the American South, and our presentations seek to explore, educate, and celebrate this very important moment in our history.

Preliminary information can be found on the Center website http:/humanities.fiu.edufrom-swastika-to-jim-crow/. Over the next few months, we will be sending out more detailed descriptions of what we are doing, and in the meantime do not hesitate to write with any questions you have.

Center events will be video recorded and archived on the website, so they will be available to those not able to attend. Should you no longer wish to receive news of our programs, reply to this post with unsubscribe in the subject line.