Chenjerai Hove to visit FIU.

The Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment is honored to co-host writer Chenjerai Hove in a series of events. Chenjerai Hove is a world famous Zimbabwean poet, and novelist who is the author of the Noma Award winning novel Bones. In 2008, Hove was selected by Brown University to be a part of their International Writers Project. Since 2001, Hove has lived in exile from his native Zimbabwean home because of his political activism against President Robert Mugabe. The center will be co-sponsoring a lecture by Hove on October 28, 2013 and a panel discussion with on the topic of Exile literature on October, 30th. We look forward to having all of you join us for what should be an insightful and captivating series of events.

Chenjerai Hove