Goodbye Dean Rae

With a good measure of sadness, the Center is saying farewell to Dr. Nicol Rae, Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, who will be leaving FIU at the end of the Fall 2012 Semester to become Dean of Arts and Sciences at Montana State University. Dean Rae has always had a central role in Center affairs. He was instrumental in the establishment of CHUE from the earliest talks that planned the Center in May of 2010, and his guidance, subsequently, has proved to be invaluable. Further, he has been an ardent, visible supporter of the Center's activities from its inception to the present. His presence at Center events and his counsel at the Center Advisory Board meetings provided the support so crucial to new academic endeavors and encouraged many others to follow his example.

Most recently, Dean Rae gave a very successful talk at the Vi in Aventura on the current presidential election campaigns as part of our ongoing efforts to bring conversations on diverse subjects in the humanities to constituencies across South Florida. From the start, the successes that the Center has enjoyed have come out of the enthusiastic and unwavering support of friends like Dean Rae. His contribution to us was great, and his presence will be greatly missed.