Quiet Violence: The Deep Structure of Violence in the Graphic Arts of War Propaganda

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Venue:Green Library, Room 220

Dr. Kenneth Johnson, Associate Professor of English at FIU will share his thoughts on the nature of violence in the imagery of World War II propaganda material from the archives of the Wolfsonian Museum. What he sees played out in the rhetorical strategies of differentiation and demonization in organized campaigns against national, ethnic and racial identity in twentieth-century societies, he identifies as the "deep structure" of a violence that is inherent in how we establish, maintain and protect identity.

Dr. Johnson is an Associate Professor of English at Florida International University. He is in the midst of a long-term study of the nature of evil as represented in art. As part of this project, Johnson received a fellowship to work at the Wolfsonian Museum on the collection of World War II propaganda depicted through the graphic arts. His talk will draw directly on that research. The presentation is free and open to the public.

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