Exile, the Humanities, and Globalization.

Event information
Venue:MMC-GL 220

Please join us for a panel discussion on exile literature. Our panelists will develop ideas enumerated by Chenjerai Hove in his October 28th talk (7 pm, GC 243) and raise additional points to consider in an examination of the impact of the exilic experience on conceptions of the humanities in a society increasingly defined by globalization. Each panelist will speak for approximately 7 minutes, and then we will invite the audience to present questions and responses to the issues that were raised. Panelist include:

Chenjerai Hove—leading Zimbabwean novelist and poet, exiled from his country because of his outspoken opposition to the regime of President Robert Mugabe.

Dr. Martin Tucker—Emeritus Professor at Long Island University and the world's leading scholar in Exile Studies.

Dr. Asher Milbauer—Founder of the FIU Exile Studies Program, the first of its kind at any university, and a scholar noted for his work on Phillip Roth as well as the exilic experience.

Dr. Nandini Dhar—A recent addition to the FIU English Department. She came to this university after studying at the University of Texas and brings to FIU a far-reaching and sophisticated knowledge of African literature.

We look forward to having you join us for what will surely be a thought provoking discussion.