Economic Inequality and the Conditions of Freedom: Views from the American Founding

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Venue:Green Library, Room 220

Ideas from the American Founding are often invoked to support partisan and ideological arguments made in the present, but ideas that have been largely forgotten or long neglected can actually provide a source of fresh insights and new perspectives on contemporary controversies. This talk will examine early American debates over the government’s proper role in dealing with economic inequality. These debates reveal that political considerations concerning the distribution of power often outweighed the moral and economic ones that dominate debates over inequality today. This presentation will highlight arguments in favor of minimizing and preventing economic inequality as means of preserving the conditions for republican self-government and freedom. The talk will be free and open to the public.

Professor Clement Fatovic is currently the Director of Graduate Studies for Political Science. His primary research and teaching interests are in modern and contemporary political and constitutional theory, including American political thought, democratic theory, and executive power.

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