Lecture on The 2012 Election and Its Consequences for American Government

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Venue:VI Ballroom, 19333 West Country Club Drive Aventura, FL 33180

We live in era of highly competitive and close national elections between increasingly ideologically polarized national political parties. At each election the party coalitions may change at the margins as more moderate and independent voters swing back and forth between parties. Political polarization makes it hard for successful presidential candidates to claim policy mandates and places severe barriers to effective governance at the national level.

Dr. Rae will examine the impact of the current campaign on the political landscape and speculate on its consequences. Nicol C. Rae (D. Phil, Oxford University) is Professor of Politics & International Relations and Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences at Florida International University, Miami, Florida. His most recent book (co-edited with Timothy Power) is Exporting Congress: The Influence of the US Congress on World Legislatures (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2006).

Professor Nicol C. Rae
Senior Associate Dean inthe College of Arts &Sciences
Florida International University
Miami, Florida

October 17th, 2012
2 p.m.
Vi Ballroom,
19333 West Country Club Drive
Aventura, FL 33180