Afro Homo Norming Nation, Norming Sex

Event information
Venue:GL 220

This one-day symposium on gender, sex, and sexuality brings together prominent scholars, writers, artists and activists from Africa, the Caribbean, and the African diaspora. It will focus attention on developments, setbacks, and tensions relevant to the lives of queer and gender non-normative individuals and communities in Africa, the Caribbean, and the diaspora.

Relevant topics will include: the limitations of the nation-state as a paradigm for queer activism; the over-generalization of “African” homophobia; approaches to both African and Afro-Caribbean sexualities and governance that avoid a reductive perspective of these quite distinct locales; and the cooperation of scholars in the humanities with writers and artists in and outside of Africa and the Caribbean, to contribute to a productive dialogue on the divergent interests of queer communities.