Fall 2012

  • Panel Discussion on the Business of Medicine, with Dr. Ana Viamonte-Ross, Dr. Fernando Valverde, Dr. Jaime Franco, and Ileana Varela, 24th August 2012
  • Panel Discussion on the documentary film "Manufactured Landscapes" with Professors Michael Gillespie, Laura Ogden and Jeff Onsted, 4th September 2012
  • Representations of Violence in the Theater with Joseph Adler, Dr. Daniel Castellanos, Phillip M. Church and Christine Dolen, 12th September 2012
  • Formal Lecture on The Business of Medicine by Dr. John Rock, Dean of the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, 28th September, 2012
  • Panel Discussion on "Film: Cuban America" with filmmaker Adelin Gasana, Professor Asher Milbauer and Professor Michael Gillespie, 2nd October 2012

Spring 2013